Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What You Leave Behind

When I leave a place I always wonder how I will be remember? What will my legacy be? How have I impacted this place?

Now as I am entering the final day of my collegiate life one of the thing I'm proud to leave behind for people to see is this blog. This is the final post for "Taking A Bullet." I wanted to take the time and thank my audience for there time and patience as I first started this blog. I know some of my post were a little boring and hard to read at first, but you stuck through it. You saw me evolve as a communicator and an engineer.

So lets tie up some loose ends. You know those blog about my Bulletproof Mug project, I remember promising to show you video of me breaking some mugs. Unfortunately sometimes you just run out of time. There just isn't enough time cast, clean, dry, sinter, and drop a mug. I sorry to disappoint you, but hey sometimes science is disappointing. I know I'm really disappointing.

Just because I'm ending this blog mean I'm leaving you high dry. A great source of information about ceramics properties, history and current advancements can be found at the American Ceramics Society. They discuss everything from cement to fuel cells so your bound to find something that interest you there.

Again thank you. I hope I taught something about ceramics you didn't already know. I mean you gotta there pretty awesome.

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  1. Ceramics are definitely an interesting subject. I did not read many of your post this semester, but if this blog is still up in the future, I will sure read some more.