Sunday, May 1, 2011

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Military vehicles produce large amounts of heat.  This leave them and the people inside vulnerable to thermal and infrared detection.  However a new stealth system developed by Eltics could protect our troops by rendering them invisible to enemy detection and giving them a tactical advantages.

Black Fox is the name of the advance stealth system in development that can scan the surrounding environment and adjusts the exterior plates to match the conditions.  The system utilizes Forward Looking Infrared camera or FLIR to scan the environment.  This data is then sent to a computer that regulates the conditions of the plates.  Even the plates near the engine can maintain the same environmental conditions.

Now if being invisible is necessary or possible Black Fox has the ability to generate different thermal signatures.  This means a tank can be made to look like a humvee.  There is currently research into applying this technology to other vehicles including helicopters and ships.

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