Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Idea Takes Form

The academic year is quickly reaching its end and with that comes the end of my senior project.  If you are a frequent reader of this blog you know that a group of students and myself are designing a bulletproof mug.  This mug is going to be entered in a contest against mug designed by students from colleges and universities around the nation.  Well now is the time to reveal the final mug design.

Ta Da!!!
Now you're probably saying, "What kind of stupid mug is that?  How would I even drink from that thing?"  Both are very valid questions, but you have to remember the purpose of the mug.  It is not meant to hold your morning coffee but to survive when dropped on the floor.  The mug had to be designed within specific criteria found here on Keramos's website.  The most important rules are:

1. Mugs must be able to contain at least 500 ml and not more than 625 ml of liquid, and be useable for drinking purposes. Mugs must not decompose when they contain a liquid.

2.  All mugs must have a serviceable handle(s) which permits gripping and retaining a mug filled with at least 500 ml of liquid.

3.  Mugs must be made entirely from ceramic or glass materials, and may not contain any metal, plastic, paint, organics, or nonceramic materials.

Knowing these requirement I think we designed an awesome mug, I may be a little bias.  Now I can't wait until we finish dropping these things so I can upload a video of me throwing my mug to the ground.  Until then here's a link of a guy that maybe shouldn't throw so many thing to ground.

Disclaimer:  This video has nothing to do with ceramics or science communication but whenever I think about the mug drop contest this video pops in my head.

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  1. Happy birthday to the ground!

    I hope you show us the final video. Been fun watching this project evolve.