Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog Self-Interview

What is the purpose of this blog?
 The purpose of the this blog is to engage and inform the public about ceramic armor, while also improving my science communicating skills.
Who is the imagined audience(s) of this blog?I imagine my audience to contain people in high school and older that have an interest in ceramics, defense or cool science.

Have my posts matched up with my purpose/audience?  What/who might I be overlooking in defining my purpose/audience this way?
Not really.  Currently I have not posted enough to engage any audience.  Also my only true post just talked about some news that happened in ceramic armor.  I have yet to truly explain what ceramic armors are or why they are used.  The lack of post are currently overlook my entire audience.

What can I do to encourage more reader participation with my blog?
Post more and encourage questions from my audience.  Also I shouldn't just be lecturing at my audience.  I should be asking for their feedback.
How can I expand my audience in this class?  Outside of this class?
Try and find other ceramics or material science blogs that I can read up on  and post about.  Maybe by linking to other blogs people will follow my comments back to my blog.
How would I characterize the tone of my blog?
The tone of my blog is very news oriented and laid back.
What do I hope to get out of writing this blog?
I hope to improve my writing skills and my ability to explain this field of study to others.
What would I like others to get out of it?I hope people are well informed after reading and are encouraged to read more about the subject.

What are the strengths of my blog/my blogging?
 People seems to like my posts.
What are the weaknesses?
The biggest weakness about my blog currently is the lack of content.  Also I may not be writing in an effective manner to gain more interest.

Have I used a deficit model in my writing, or something else?  How would I know?
Yes at first I assumed that the audience knew nothing about it and just started lecturing at them.
How have I characterized (implicitly or explicitly) science, engineering, and/or technology in my blog?
In my first post i explicitly stated that this was a blog dedicated to ceramic armor.
How have I characterized myself?
I described myself as a person that wished to learn more about the subject.  I am not an expert and a very willing to listen to the suggestions and views of others.

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